Computing at The Pilgrims’ School is taught as a syllabus subject right the way through, from Reception to Year 8. It is also an integral part of classroom teaching across the whole curriculum.

The schemes of work are progressive in nature and are based on the ISEB’s ICT specification. In the Pre-Prep, our main focus is to ensure that the boys are comfortable with technology and familiar with the IT suite. Activities include word processing, touch-typing, painting, programming robotic models, mind mapping and travelling around the UK using Google Earth. Ipads are used in lessons for research or to reinforce learning objectives. They are particularly effective as an aid to learning mental maths skills.

Further up the school, the boys’ learning is further enriched with courses in touch-typing, programming, HTML and stop frame animation, which provide a more diverse, practicable and challenging programme of study.

Cross-curricular links are the driving force behind the schemes of work as computing has a broad appeal and links very well with a range of themes, such as word processing, data handling, graphics, Internet use and email.


The school has two dedicated IT suites, equipped to the highest standard with interactive white boards and individual PC work stations, which are used for teaching computing and for lessons when each boy requires access to his own computer. Every classroom in the school is networked to the VLE and has internet access for invaluable on-line resources. All rooms have projectors and PCs to aid teaching and learning, and every classroom in the Pre-Prep and Junior Department has an interactive white board.

Recreational resource

IT based Commoners (after school clubs) are extremely popular, and many of the Year 8 opt to use their computing skills as a dominant feature of their Leaver’s Project. The suites are also an invaluable resource for the boarders who use them for communication and recreation, which is of course appropriately monitored.

IT Protection

IT access can be dangerous if left unchecked, and a vigorous educational policy is pursued. The school is dedicated to protecting all users of IT: our intranet uses a sophisticated and reliable filter and firewall control system, and all user activity is logged and spot-checked. We have stringent policies in place to ensure maximum protection from cyber bullying and to prevent improper use of the IT equipment and Internet. To reinforce this message, all pupils must adhere to the school’s IT Code of Conduct, which is issued to each boy on admission to the school. Furthermore, as part of the PSHE programme of study, The Pilgrims’ School hosts a series of e-safety workshops for all boys and parents in the Prep school.