The workshop is an exciting learning environment for the boys. It is purpose built with industrial benches and equipped with an array of tools. Safe practice is of course paramount and instilled from the outset!

Juniors are guided through carefully structured projects from which they acquire the skills base necessary for the more adventurous and complex builds in their senior years. Cross referencing with their maths and science knowledge, the boys learn how to plan, draw and create. Projects may be individual or undertaken as a group, engendering initiative, leadership and cooperative skills.

As they progress up through the school, the boys are taught to examine the material world around them and to explore the application of design in everyday usage. Their practical work becomes less skills-based and more emphasis is placed on design. This allows for greater pupil input, creativity and ownership of their own projects.

Risk taking, innovative thinking and trying out new ideas are all positively encouraged as each pupil develops his own vision of what he might create. With no examination criteria to fulfil, the boys are free to experiment and to learn through trial, error and success.

"It makes me feel guilty that anyone should have such a good time doing what they are supposed to do."
Charles Eames