Like us, you will want to be sure that The Pilgrims’ School is the best choice of school for your son. Our taster days are designed to help us answer that important question with you.

Taster days are held individually or in small groups, usually no more than three terms ahead of the planned start date. A visiting boy joining us for a taster day will be welcomed by a Pilgrim of the same age, who will look after him for the day and introduce him to his classmates. He will join in with lessons, sport, lunch, breaks, snacks and activities, which will help him to get a good sense of what it would be like if he were to be at school here. The day also includes tests designed to assess his current level of ability and, more importantly, his future potential. Our standardised entry tests are based on maths, English and NVR (non verbal reasoning). Older boys (for entry to Years 6 and 7) will have interviews with specialist subject teachers and potential scholars may be given extension work.

If your son is musical, he might enjoy the opportunity to play for the Director of Music and to attend a choir practice or orchestral rehearsal.

There is no need to prepare your son for our assessment. We look for a sparky personality and a keen mind, a friendly disposition, the willingness to learn, the readiness to work hard and the potential to thrive.



Boys applying to join The Pilgrims’ School as a boarder attend the same taster day as a dayboy. They are looked after for the day by a current boarder and are given a detailed tour of the boarding house by one of the Houseparents, who explains the daily boarding routine and also describes the fun excursions and activities which take place each weekend.


Overseas candidates

Test papers may on occasion be sent to candidates abroad, but the boy will still be required to attend a taster day with further assessments at the school. For more information about applying from overseas, please refer to our Overseas Student Policy.