Fees for 2019/20

  • Registration fee (non refundable) £100
  • Acceptance deposit £500
  • Pre-Preparatory (Reception - Year 2) £3800 per term
  • Dayboys (Years 3) £6050 per term
  • Dayboys (Years 4-8) £6620 per term
  • Boarders (Years 4-8) £8435 per term 
  • Choristers/Quiristers £5061 per term (additional bursaries may be available)

The school’s fees are reviewed annually by the Governing Body. Parents are normally informed before the start of the summer term if there are to be any changes. Accounts not paid by the beginning of the term are subject to a surcharge based on a rate of 2% per month or part thereof.


All pupils are automatically enrolled on to the Denplan for Schools insurance scheme at no cost to the parents. The school can also provide optional insurance for absence from school due to illness or injury.

  • Full details can be obtained from the Bursar’s office.

Registration Fees and Deposits

Before a boy is assessed for entry to the school we ask for a registration fee. This is currently £100 and is non refundable.

If a formal offer of a place at the school is accepted, a deposit of £500 per boy is required to secure the place; this is refunded when the boy leaves the school, usually at the end of Year 8, unless money is owed to the school.  If a boy is withdrawn, either prior to entry or whilst at the school, the deposit is refundable only if one term’s notice is given.


Any additional costs are kept as low as possible and most activities beyond the classroom are incorporated within the school fees, including the French immersion trip in Year 7 and the residential Outward Bound trip in Year 8. All text books, meals and snacks are included, all bedding is provided for boarders. Parents are asked to consent to any additional charges before they are made (exceptions are essential spends for boarders, such as haircuts or clothing items when needed).

  • Boarders’ weekend excursions and termly celebrations may on occasion incur an additional cost, but parents will be consulted first.
  • Most Commoners (optional after school activities) are free, but there may be a small charge if outside resources or instructors are required.  Parents will always be informed of this before giving consent, and a free alternative activity will always be offered.
  • All items purchased from our uniform shops are added to the school bill.  Our thriving second hand shop offers many items of clothing at reduced prices.
  • Private music lessons are charged termly, at £308 for ten lessons.
  • Breakfast Club is charged at £5.00 per session.

Bursaries and Scholarships

In order to widen access to the school for boys who will take best advantage of what the school offers, means tested bursaries may be provided.  Please contact the Bursar to arrange a meeting if you would like to discuss this further.

Winchester Cathedral Choristers and Winchester College Quiristers are awarded a choral scholarship, which represents 40% of the full boarding fee; additional bursaries may be available.


The school does not currently offer sibling or armed forces discounts, nor does it operate a fees in advance scheme, although these provisions are currently being reviewed by the Governing Body.

All charges incurred (except registration fees and deposits) will be billed by a termly invoice, the school does not ask for separate payments to be made.

The details above are an indicative  summary of the current situation regarding fees and bursaries and are provided as advice rather than as a contractual offer.  Parents joining the school should consult the parent/school contract and the Bursar for the most current information.