We aim to inspire a love of nature and the outdoors, and Forest Fridays are an important part of our Pre-Prep ethos. Learning outside is a great adventure for the boys and we use our outdooor environments in all weathers. Needless to say, the boys are especially delighted when it is muddy!

What is a Forest School?

“Forest Schools” is a catch phrase we are hearing more and more often both in education and as parents. But what does it really mean?

The concept of the Forest School originated in Scandinavia. It involves taking children out into the natural environment in order to nurture their development and creativity. It enables the provision of opportunities which inspire exploration. This in turn encourages children to become independent, confident and motivated to learn. In short, the natural environment provides a stimulus for all the senses, all areas of development and all learning styles; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.

With an emphasis often on teamwork, levels of social communication, empathy and well-being soar. The children are introduced to responsible risk taking and often without even realising it, use their skills in maths and science. The result of forest schooling is a group of children who have gained in self-confidence, play more imaginatively, and have developed a more enquiring approach to learning both in and out of the classroom.

Educational benefits of the Forest School

  • It develops each boy’s ability to think, learn and behave in different environments
  • By ‘doing’ their learning outside, the boys learn the wider applications of knowledge
  • It builds self awareness, empathy, good social communication skills and independence
  • It enhances many areas of the curriculum, especially science
  • It encourages the boys to respect and care for the environment