As well as enjoying the array of after-school clubs and activities (known as Commoners), it is important that the boys also have free, unstructured time to read, relax and to create their own entertainment, just as they would at home. 

There are always friends close by each evening and at the weekends for a game of football,  basketball or table tennis, a game on the Playstation, or simply for company while watching a favourite television programme in the Common Room. Equally, there are plenty of quiet corners tucked around the school which make a good place to read.

Seasonal activity

In the summer months, the boys prefer to be outdoors, enjoying the lighter evenings and the good weather. The outdoor pool is popular in the sunshine and the boarders race freely around the school grounds, often on scooters brought in from home. Evening activities down on the fields or by the river provide another environment for the boys to enjoy. In the winter, when the evenings are darker and chillier, activities become more school based. The seasonal favourite choice becomes a mug of hot chocolate, freshly made popcorn and watching a film, perhaps snuggled up under a duvet.


It is important for the full boarders to spend some time away from school and we all very much look forward to our trips out each Sunday.  This may be an excursion to the New Forest for mountain biking, a mini-bus trip to Twickenham for the rugby, a visit to Portsmouth historic dockyard, a trip to the beach - or a lazy day with a walk along the river, chatting, relaxing and simply enjoying a pause from the busy week. Boys may also choose to go home with a friend for the weekend, with prior parental permission.


A highlight of our boarding year is the black tie dinner and cabaret at the end of the Christmas term, exclusively for boarders, with boys and staff performing hilarious songs and sketches. At the end of each summer term, the boys are taken on a “Boarders Only” trip, and throughout the year we enjoy a variety of special treats such as the boarders' summer BBQ, a trip to the spectacular firework display in Winchester on Bonfire Night, ice skating on the Winchester rink, themed suppers, karaoke nights, film nights - it's quite a list and all good fun!