The role of geographers in the global community is becoming increasingly important. Today’s geographers have a far greater awareness of current social, economic and physical issues. Reaction and comment to world events from geography related experts are now commonplace. Geography is current affairs.

Debate and discussion are essential to the study of geography at The Pilgrims' School. We place a keen emphasis on the ability to empathise with people in different situations and environments around the world.

In the Pre-Prep, the bountiful resources on our doorstep are used extensively as the boys focus initially on their local environment, establishing an awareness of where we live in this world through first hand observation.  Orienteering skills are introduced as the boys learn to create and interpret maps.

Using a range of teaching and learning strategies to facilitate each boy’s preferred learning style (visual, aural, kinaesthetic), the continuity of teaching from the Junior Department through to the Senior Years allows key concepts to be revisited and consolidated. Pupils are better able to grasp the connectivity between the many divisions of geography – which in turn allows them to access a far broader understanding of the subject.

Geography is a cross-curricular subject at Pilgrims’ and is applied within literacy, numeracy, science and history.

Knowledge and Skills Base

The study of geography at Pilgrims’ offers the boys many opportunities:

  • An introduction to maps and map reading
  • An awareness of the local area and beyond
  • An understanding of different cultures
  • How to collect and manipulate simple data
  • How to make best use of ICT to produce written and numerical work
  • How to perform independent research tasks
  • The ability to interconnect subjects, topics and personal experience

Course content

The curriculum is based upon the main themes of the ISEB Common Entrance syllabus:

  • Geomorphology (rivers/coasts)
  • Weather and climate
  • Economic activities
  • Tectonic processes (earthquakes and volcanoes)
  • Environmental issues (sustainable development)
  • Fieldwork projects


Hands-on experience is fundamental to the study of geography. We learn best through our own observations and analysis of the world around us. Geography field trips are organised for boys in all year groups.

A tributary of the River Itchen flows through the school grounds and provides for the convenient study of fluvial activity. We have an abundance of natural resources on our doorstep - St Catherine’s Hill, an Iron Age hill fort, the water meadows and the South Downs National Park.

World Heritage sites, Kew Gardens and the Jurassic Coast, are just a short drive away.