The school’s own caterers provide all meals, prepared in the kitchen on site. Food is locally sourced and traceable, and great care is taken to ensure that the boys are provided with a healthy, balanced diet.

Lunch is a social occasion, a chance to converse as well as refuel. Boys are placed at the tables in their sets rather than year groups, and there is a great sense of family. Dining in a traditional refectory style, the boys are served from the head of the table by a member of staff or a Gap, who sits with them and encourages proper table manners and correct etiquette. Conversation is animated and lively, but kept to an appropriate level of noise!

Healthy snacks and fruit are provided at breaktimes in the morning and afternoon, and again at the end of the school day for boys staying for after school activities.

Boarders enjoy a cooked breakfast option each day, and most will change into home clothes for supper, which is a more relaxed occasion with a choice of hot dishes and a salad bar. Boarders enjoy rounding off the day with toast before going to bed.