ISI Report 2016

The ISI inspection report is split into three major sections and nine subdivisions. Pilgrims' is rated Excellent - the highest level - in all categories. Our musical provision is given the rare descriptor exceptional.

The full report can be read here


“The school meets its aim of ensuring that the pupils fulfil their maximum potential extremely well; attainment throughout the school is excellent. Pupils develop a breadth of skills, knowledge and understanding through both curricular and a wide range of extra-curricular experiences."

  • Achievement in the humanities is high. Pupils are notably articulate and they apply their speaking and listening skills confidently in lessons and discussions. They listen with care to the thoughts and opinions of their peers, happily sharing ideas.
  • They acquire high-level reasoning and thinking skills, and show an excellent understanding of scientific concepts.
  • Across the school those pupils with a particular need or who require learning support are nurtured and guided by caring and effective staff, who ensure that self-esteem is kept high and a positive attitude to learning is maintained. This encourages pupils to work hard and their progress is of a high standard as a result.
  • Able and gifted pupils are provided ample opportunity in lessons to offer their insightful thoughts and extend their learning.
  • The school takes care to select staff of high quality with excellent subject knowledge.
  • Achievement in music is exceptional. The outstanding music standard achieved by many pupils is a fine example of excellence, fully supported by the high standard of teaching in the school.


Pastoral Care

"The spiritual development of the pupils is excellent. Pupils are inspired both by the all-pervading spirituality of the historic environment and by the soul-inspiring and uplifting music, which permeate and enrich every aspect of life for the whole community. This is a strength of the school."

Throughout the school, staff know individual pupils extremely well and provide them with effective support and guidance within an exceptionally friendly and caring community. In all parts of the school, relationships between staff and pupils and amongst the pupils themselves are excellent.


Parent feedback

“Parents feel that all staff really know their children. They recognize that pastoral care is very strong. Parents feel that the school is especially nurturing."
  • Parents were highly complimentary about their children’s progress, the broad and effective curriculum and the ethos of the school. They were positive about the education and the care their sons receive and an overwhelming majority reported they would highly recommend the school to other prospective parents.


Early Years Foundation Stage

“Children in the EYFS are happy, confident and have high self-esteem.”
  • Children within the EYFS are active learners and they have many opportunities to explore and investigate. They are enthusiastic and happy learners who are supported to make strong progress, whatever their needs.​
  • The children are highly articulate and use their thinking skills to solve problems.
  • Staff within the EYFS have an excellent knowledge of the needs of specific children in their care.
  • Teaching is of a high standard. High quality resources in both indoor and outdoor areas are used to provide challenging experiences for children and further their learning.



“The quality of boarding provision and care is excellent.”
  • The outcomes for boarders are excellent and their very high standard of personal development is evident in the way they conduct themselves around the school. They are confident and courteous and gain much from their boarding experience. They are most articulate, and speak of their school with pride and enthusiasm.
  • Meals are balanced and nutritious, and they are eaten in the well-maintained, light and airy school dining room.
  • Both boarding houses are clean and homely environments.