We are delighted to meet boys who would like to join our Reception class up to one year before they are due to start school. Parents are invited to tour the school and to meet the Headmaster to chat about their son, before bringing him with them to spend time in our Reception class. 

The little boys who visit us are often at many varied stages of their social and educational development. We do not look for any particular level of academic ability. We look forward to meeting boys who are sociable, alert, happy to follow instructions and ready and eager to learn.

During their visit the boys enjoy various activities such as construction games, puzzles and creative arts, as well as listening to stories and making music together. They also enjoy playing outside in the adventure playground. There are several fun events held in the Pre-Prep during the year, which we hope will help any nervous boys (or parents!) feel more confident and familiar with the teachers and the new environment before coming for a visit.


Entry to Year 1 and Year 2

If places are available, boys who wish to join Year 1 or Year 2 are invited to spend a taster day with us. Visiting boys spend the whole day as a Pilgrim, joining in with lessons, breaks, lunch and whatever activities are scheduled that day. The class teacher will hear them read and the Head of the Pre-Prep will help them work through simple workbooks to assess their basic numeracy and literacy. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed.

Boys in our Year 2 do not attend an assessment for entry to the Prep. Each boy progresses naturally to Year 3 unless, after lengthy consultation with his parents and only after we have tried all applicable remedial strategies, it is concluded that this would not be in his best interests.


Pre-Prep Open Day

Friday 15 March

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