Learning Support at The Pilgrims' School is available for all boys from the Pre-Prep to Year 8 who have an identified learning need. The majority of boys’ requirements are met within the classroom through a differentiated curriculum, but some may benefit from special educational provision.

 Our experienced, qualified team work in close partnership with teachers, pastoral staff and parents. The Department provides support to teachers delivering the curriculum to boys on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Register. It ensures that the individual needs of all boys are met, including boys with a learning difficulty or disability, boys who are high functioning, and boys for whom English is an additional language. 


All pupils are routinely screened for dyslexia in the summer term of Reception. Thereafter, pupils may be screened as part of the entry assessment, or they may be referred to the Learning Support Department by a teacher or parent. This is usually prompted by concerns about:

  • Progress in literacy or numeracy
  • Memory
  • Processing speed
  • Attention
  • Handwriting
  • Motor coordination
  • Organisation skills

Next Steps

If further investigation is needed, the Head of Learning Support will carry out an informal assessment, with parental permission.  A programme of support may then be recommended, which may take the form of 1:1 lessons, targeted group work or in-class support. A referral to an Educational Psychologist for a full assessment might be suggested, in order to gain a more detailed profile of the pupil.

We are able to refer pupils for speech and language assessments and therapy.

Who’s who

Head of Learning Support

Oversees the needs of individual pupils throughout the school and keeps close links with their parents and teachers. This involves assessing, tracking progress and mentoring individual pupils, teaching small literacy and numeracy groups and providing in-class targeted support. A summary is provided to all staff of boys with specific difficulties.

Learning Support Assistant

Provides targeted, multi-sensory support within the classroom environment for pupils in the Pre-Prep Department who have been identified as having a specific difficulty.

Specialist Teacher

Teaches individual, multi-sensory lessons for pupils in the Prep who have been identified as having a specific difficulty. Individual learning plans are drawn up and made available to all staff, and are reviewed every 6 months. This is arranged through the school and there is an additional charge.

Visiting Speech and Language Therapist

Assesses the pupil on request and designs an individual programme. This is arranged directly with parents and the school is given a copy of the report and a programme to follow in between the therapist’s visits.

Visiting Speech Teacher

Gives individual speech lessons to pupils in the Prep who have been referred through the Learning Support Department. The school is kept informed of the areas being covered and of the progress made.

Useful resources

We use a wide variety of multi-sensory resources in group and individual lessons.