The Briggs Library is a homely, light, airy room situated in the central Quad. Our professional Librarian, Mrs Laura Brill, provides extensive subject support across all the year groups and teaches the boys how to make best use of a library’s resources.

The Pre-Prep and Junior boys have a weekly lesson in the library, during which they are taught how to research, an invaluable skill which they refine as they continue up the school and one which they find extremely useful at their next schools, when they must work independently.

The Library is also a place where boys can sit quietly and read or play chess during their free time. It is a popular environment for prep, with access to several computers linked to the school's network.

The fiction section offers classic reading material along with the latest publications, while the reference section includes a range of current magazines and daily newspapers. The library stock is computerised, enabling pupils to check the availability of titles remotely.

The Library is a hub of activity, with events such as World Book Day and National Children's Book Week marked by authors' visits, book sales, creative writing and poetry workshops. Throughout the year, boys are involved in many other fun activities, ranging from literary quizzes to character-themed fancy dress competitions, all designed to stimulate and encourage a love of reading.

Parents Book Club

All Pilgrims' parents are warmly invited to join the Parents' Book Club, which meets each term to discuss the books their sons may be reading and to explore literature with a particular appeal for boys. These are very informal gatherings held in the school library, with special dispensation from the Librarian to enjoy a cup of coffee! On occasion, the group is joined by some of the boys to add an extra dimension to the discussion.