At The Pilgrims’ School we encourage the boys to respect each other and to be supportive of each other – whatever their age, whatever their position in the school. It is our aim that every boy is happy and feels valued.

Support from staff

The Deputy Head has particular responsibility for the welfare of all the boys and oversees the many layers of pastoral care provided for each Pilgrim.

An external listener is readily available should a boy wish to speak with someone who is not a member of staff; this is someone appointed by the school, who ensures that they are known by the boys.

Support from the boys

Bullying is rare, as the boys themselves play a very important role in the care of each other and are unimpressed by poor or unkind behaviour. Our bullying policy is carefully explained to all the boys and is clearly displayed around the school. Boys are given the opportunity to take on roles of specific responsibility as they progress through the school:

  • Classroom Leaders Each boy in the Pre-Prep will take his turn as the classroom leader for a day. He will be given responsibility for certain jobs and for leading the class to assembly and lunch. When they are walking outside the school grounds, the older boys always take the hand of a younger boy.
  • Shadows and Substances Each new boy is assigned a current Pilgrim in his form as a substance, a boy who will take especial care of his shadow as he settles in to the new routines at school. The substance will usually have contacted his shadow before he arrives at the school and will be a familiar face waiting for him on the first day of term.
  • Monitors Boys in Year 5 begin the year with a two day camp, during which they participate in team building challenges and games. Following this, all in turn are appointed as a Monitor, a boy to whom other Juniors may turn in times of need.
  • Listeners In Year 7, a boy may become a Listener, a boy whose eyes and ears are always open for anyone in need of advice or mediation.
  • Uncles In Year 8, all boys become an Uncle! Their nephews are the new boys in Years 3 and 4, for whom they have a special duty of care as they settle in to the new routines of the school. The bond exists as another way of promoting positive relationships across the age groups.
  • Prefects Finally, some boys in Year 8 become Prefects – the highest position of pastoral care and responsibility a boy may hold in the school. Prefects meet regularly with the Deputy Headmaster and the Head of Year 8, to discuss any problems of routine or any pastoral concerns.