Science is immensely popular at Pilgrims'. Boys learn best by doing, and our science curriculum is devised so as to root an understanding of theoretical science within a practical learning that is relevant to the boys' lives and experience. By the time they reach Year 8, Pilgrims are confident scientists, often working to the equivalent of GCSE level practicals.

Developing an Awareness of the Natural World

In our Pre-Prep, the teaching makes full use of explorative learning; our Forest School and emphasis on outdoor learning are especially key in helping the boys to develop a sensory awareness of the natural world around them, of its processes and phenomena.

Building on the awareness fostered in the Pre-Prep, science teaching in the Junior Years aligns with other core subjects to provide an investigative framework. Pupils learn to think within the scientific method, making predictions, testing them through experimentation and evaluating their results.

Science in the Senior Years

In Year 6 the boys make the transition to studying the separate fields of biology, chemistry and physics. Working in two fully equipped laboratories, following instruction from our specialist science teachers, they hone their skills at practical work, and learn to adopt new methods of experimentation. Importantly, they begin to use their extended theoretical knowledge to design their own experiments. A lab technician provides invaluable practical assistance.

Extended Science

Our scholarship performances and Common Entrance grades are consistently high. Pilgrims' scientists are noted at their senior schools for their confidence, their accomplished practical skills, and their all round theoretical ability.  For many, the love of science fostered at The Pilgrims’ School continues to university.