The majority of Pilgrims leave at the end of Year 8, taking places at a number of the major independent (mostly boarding) schools in the country.

A small number of boys apply to one of several day independent schools nearby and may leave at the end of Year 6, in order to join a main intake at 11+. Some, however, will seek to have the place deferred until 13+ entry, preferring to remain at Pilgrims' for the breadth of the Common Entrance curriculum and for the unequivocal benefits of spending the final two years as a Senior in a prep school.

Choice of senior school

Pilgrims’ feeds some of the top independent schools in the country and ambitions are high: over 40% of our boys go to Winchester College; Eton is the second most popular destination.  However, boys also head elsewhere, and Pilgrims’ feeds a wide number, and type, of schools: from co-ed (e.g. Canford, Marlborough) to single sex (e.g. Radley, Sherborne); both full boarding (e.g. Charterhouse, Harrow) and day (e.g. King Edward’s Southampton and Portsmouth Grammar School). 

 It is our mission to achieve your son’s academic potential and to support you to find the ‘right school’ for him. Boys are prepared diligently for whichever senior school exam lies ahead for them. The school takes great care to help parents identify the most appropriate senior school for their son, a school where he will continue to thrive and to make the most of all the opportunities presented to him.

Destination of Leavers 2018

This year’s scholarship results were, arguably, the best on record, including 4 boys on roll at Winchester College. All the boys have made a successful transition to their senior school, whether through Common Entrance, scholarship or Winchester Entrance. Six Academic Scholarships and one Academic Exhibition were taken, including two double awards. Nine music awards were won, all to highly competitive senior schools, including: Bedales, Bryanston, Eton, Marlborough, Sherborne and Winchester College.