Each boy in the Prep belongs to a Set – the Pilgrims’ name for a House. The Sets exist to provide a further sense of belonging and identity within the school, an additional provision of pastoral care, and an opportunity for friendly rivalry and competition. 

The names of the five Sets reflect the history of the original buildings which presently house the school:

  • Monks
  • Normans
  • Romans
  • Saxons
  • Wrens (after Sir Christopher Wren)

Each Set has a member of staff as Head of Set and a Year 8 boy as Set Captain, who work hard to look after and support the other boys. Each Set holds its own assembly each term, to bring the boys together and to discuss set matters. At lunch, the boys eat in Sets, usually with the members of staff assigned to their Set.

The Sets compete at football, rugby, cross-country, hockey, athletics and quizzing. The Set Trophy is won by the set accumulating the most show ups, which are awards for good behaviour and effort (their counterpart is a show down, for which there is no trophy to be won!)