Like you, I do not want an ordinary education for your son; I want an exceptional school that will make the most of his one chance.  At Pilgrims’, we have no intention of settling for ordinary or OK.  We strive to realize every ounce of potential and value many different types of success.

We want to help develop impressive characters: we want boys to be kind and happy, confident and determined, and to have integrity and manners.  Academic work is important; skills are important; a rounded experience of sport, music, art, and drama (and much else) is important.  But personality is the most significant quality of all.

Boys at Pilgrims’ certainly enjoy learning, yet we are not a school for a narrow intellectual elite.  We are as delighted by the hard worker who does his best as by the high-flyer who wins a glittering scholarship.

Sport, played enthusiastically and in the right spirit, is a major part of what most boys enjoy about life at Pilgrims’.  Soccer and cricket are played at all hours around the school, and there is team training throughout the week.  Rugby, athletics, hockey, and swimming are also popular.  To flourish at Pilgrims’, a boy does not have to be talented at or keen on games – though this certainly is a good place for those who are.

Almost every boy at Pilgrims’ learns a musical instrument.  Our flagship summer concert is remarkable each year because of the number of boys taking part, as well as the outstanding quality of performance.  We are well known for our two professional choirs, one at Winchester Cathedral and one at Winchester College, and Pilgrims’ boys often leave for their senior school as a Music Scholar.  Not every Pilgrims’ boy is interested in music, but there is, arguably, no better school in the country for someone who is.

Many Pilgrims’ boys are talented artists and our annual Summer Art Exhibition is of the highest standard.  Others are keen actors and perform in major dramatic productions throughout the year.  We have sailing champions, quiz champions, and Fives champions.  Most boys simply enjoy taking part in a multitude of activities and discovering interests that last a lifetime.  Everyone has an equally valued place.

If you have not visited already, there is no substitute for coming to see us.  I still remember my first visit, and how struck I was by the caring and relaxed, even family, community, as well as the energy and excitement.  I was fascinated by the interweaving of the traditional and the modern.

Pilgrims’ is a school that defies easy summary.  Good.  It should be like that.  And I hope that the Pilgrims’ boy defies easy summary as well, except to say that he is the best that he can be, in all regards, and is at ease with himself.

Tom Burden