No two days are ever quite the same in the busy Pre-Prep. Chicks hatching from eggs in the incubator, a Lego workshop challenge, a day building sandcastles on the beach, a tea party for grandparents, or a performance of the Pre-Prep musical - there is always something a little bit different and exciting happening.

Dropping your son off at the Pre-Prep

The Pre-Prep opens at 8am, but you are welcome to drop your son with us from as early as 7.15am each morning for our breakfast club, where he can tuck in to a healthy breakfast and play with friends until the Pre-Prep opens. Games and activities are laid out in the Pre-Prep classrooms, ready for the boys to enjoy as soon as they arrive. As your son settles in to the start of his day, there is time for you to have a quick chat with his teacher before saying goodbye.

the pre-prep timetable

At 8.30am, we start the day! A morning assembly at the start and end of each week is a wonderful opportunity to gather the whole Pre-Prep together, and is often a special time shared with parents and families.

Teaching in the morning usually concentrates on the core subjects of mathematics and literacy skills, such as phonics, reading, handwriting, creative writing, grammar, and speaking and listening. There are two teaching sessions, with a snack break at 10.15am, lots of outdoor play and creative fun with friends. Perhaps your son will head to the play corner, or run outside to clamber over the Adventure Playground, play football, or to share a bench and a book with a friend.

lunch and playtime in the pre-prep

At 12pm the boys sit down with their teachers to enjoy a hot lunch with pudding and fruit, freshly prepared in the school’s kitchens. This is a wonderfully sociable time, with lots of chatter between the boys and their teachers. The boys are gently encouraged to try new foods, and we help them learn the importance of good table manners.

When your son is in Year 2, he and his classmates will enjoy walking across to the Main School dining room to have lunch with ‘the big boys’ in the Prep. Sitting with the boys in Year 3, who take their job of looking after the younger boys very seriously, he will soon start to feel a part of the Prep and look forward to being a Junior. He may even sit with his ‘Cousin’, a boy in Year 3 who will come and join him in the Pre-Prep each Friday after lunch for a special playtime. With the guidance of boys just a little older than themselves, the Year 2 boys make the progression to the Prep with ease.

afternoon lessons in the pre-prep

After lunch, there is another playtime, and Sit Down, when all the boys sit quietly and read or enjoy a class story. If your son is in Reception, he will have Lie Down, a chance to curl up on a comforatable padded mat, listen to some gentle music and a story, and maybe even have a nap.

Fully refreshed and ready to get going again, the boys begin their afternoon lessons at 1.15pm. Your son’s afternoon activities will include a wide range of practical, interactive lessons, such as science, with art, history, geography, and ICT forming the bedrock of our topic based learning. He will be taught PE and sports skills by specialist teachers, and our outdoor curriculum is led by a specially trained Forest School Leader.

A quiet time to review the day and enjoy a story together usually brings the teaching day to an end, at 3.45pm.

after school clubs in the pre-prep

After school, your son can choose to enjoy a variety of activities each day until 4.40pm. The choice changes regularly - cricket, junk modelling, yoga, board games, cycling proficiency, hockey, bead making, football, to name but a small selection. You will be delighted to see how quickly your son develops new skills and interests, all through play and fun with friends.

We are very happy to look after your son until 6pm, and he is welcome to join us for high tea at 5pm in the Main School dining hall. We even build in time for one to one reading before you pick him up and take him home.