Boys thrive on being busy! They also enjoy structure and routine. Our timetable is intricate but carefully organised to allow every Pilgrim, whether he is a Commoner, Chorister or Quirister, dayboy or boarder, to make the most of the opportunities presented.


Each day begins with assembly. In the Pre-Prep, this is usually held in their own hall but several times each term the boys and many of their parents meet for a short service in the Cathedral. In the Prep, the whole school gathers each Monday morning in the medieval Pilgrims' Hall. Smaller, diverse groups meet each morning during the rest of the week.

Sit down

Every day, after lunch, the boys sit quietly at their desk or on cushions and beanbags, and read a book, either individually or as a class. In the Reception class, the boys lie down on mats and rest while looking at a book or listening to a story.


There are no bells to signal the end of break, but a call of “in, or over” sends the boys back to lessons. This harks back to the time when the school was split across two sites in The Close, and boys would need either to come in for lessons, or go over to the other building.

drop off and pick up times


The Pre-Prep runs Monday to Friday. Our Breakfast Club provides a healthy breakfast and childcare each morning between 0715 and 0800. Registration is at 0830 each day, but boys may be dropped off from 0800. The day ends at 1545. Boys may stay for Commoners (after school clubs) and after school care is available by arrangement, and on these days the latest collection is 1645.


The school week includes curriculum teaching on Saturday morning, with the exception of Year 3, who finish on Friday.
Registration is at 0815am each day, but boys may be dropped off from 0800 (or earlier, by arrangement).

Sport is played every day, with matches against other schools played on Wednesday and Saturday.

The end of the Prep school day is as follows:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
    1645 or 1800 if staying for Commoners (after school activities)
  • Wednesday:
    Years 3, 4, 5  (Juniors) - 1430 unless in a match or team practice
    Years 6, 7, 8 (Seniors) - 1530 unless in a match or team practice
  • Saturday:
    Year 3 - No school on Saturdays
    Years 4 and 5 - 1200 unless in a match or practice
    Years 6, 7, 8 - 1530 unless in a match or practice

Day boarders

By prior arrangement, and for a nominal fee, boys may stay for tea and leave at 2000, having done their prep with the boarders. They may also be dropped off early in the morning and have breakfast with the boarders.