Each boy in the school has a tutor who is responsible for his general well being, with whom he meets each morning as part of a group.

The tutors help to ensure that academic progress is monitored and communicated, but they also take great care to see that each of their tutees enjoys a healthy and happy balance of study and extra-curricular activities. They are also a first port of call at those times when life doesn't quite go according to plan!

For the younger boys, up to and including Year 5, the tutor will be their form teacher. The Junior boys’ tutors meet regularly with the Junior Years Pastoral and Academic Coordinators to share information about the boys. Therefore the big picture can be seen as clearly as the small.

Years 3, 4 and 5 also have one form period per week for PSHE, when tutoring matters may be discussed.

Tutor groups

From Year 6, the boys join a tutor group. This will typically consist of six to ten boys from Years 6 to 8, under the guidance of a tutor. They will usually remain in this group, with the same tutor, until it is time to move on to their senior schools. The boys appreciate the continuity of the tutor system and they undoubtedly benefit from the daily interaction with boys from different year groups.

Tutors establish a genuine rapport with their tutees over the three years and gain a detailed knowledge of their character and abilities. This is augmented by almost daily interaction with each of the tutee’s subject teachers. Parents find this insight of their son invaluable when discussing their son’s progress in school and when trying to identify the most appropriate senior school.