We are pleased to welcome boys who we believe will thrive at The Pilgrims' School and who will make the most of the opportunities ahead. We are looking for the best possible fit, academically, socially, and pastorally. 


When to join the school

The main points for entry to the school are Reception (4+) and Years 3 and 4 (8+/9+). A good number of boys also join in the senior years (11+) for preparation relative to scholarships and the Common Entrance examinations, for specialist teaching for Winchester College’s own entry examination and for experience as a boarder before boarding at senior school.

Boarders may join the school from Year 4, which is also the main entry point for the Choristers and Quiristers, the choral scholars. On occasion, boys may board in Year 3. Boarding is very popular and generally oversubscribed. Early registration is advised. 

It may be possible to join the school at other times, either as a dayboy or boarder, subject to places being available.



The Pilgrims' School is quite small, and settling in is very easy for the new boys  who join us  - and for their parents, too! It begins from the taster day, when a current Pilgrim will be waiting to introduce himself and take care of his guest for the whole day, help him to meet the other boys and to find his way around the school. Once a place has been accepted at the school, each new boy is linked to a Pilgrim in the same year, who becomes his 'substance'. He will be waiting to meet his 'shadow' on his first day at school, and will most likely have made contact before then. New parents are given a school handbook and a parent directory and are introduced to other parents by their Class Rep of the Pilgrims' Parents' Association. All new boys and parents are invited in to school for an orientation day before the start of term. By the time they join the school, we hope that they will feel very much at home.