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7 Values to Teach Your Child by Age 10

Being a parent is probably life’s greatest privilege.

Being able to nurture, love and guide a child through childhood, the teen years, and eventually into adulthood, is incredibly fulfilling and life-giving. But let’s face it: it does also have its moments. One does sometimes wish that each child would come with a detailed instruction manual, which would add some predictability to life. Unlike a motor car, one cannot simply send one’s child off for a service, or a tune-up, when they are misfiring!

There are some basic principles that are there to guide us though, and by putting some ‘good stuff’ into our children in their formative years, we may be able to get around some of the challenges that will invariably come our way later on a bit more easily.

Alana Bracken offers some guidance regarding the values that we should try to instil in our children, and how to go about it. As we know, there’s no fool-proof recipe, but some guidance along the way doesn’t hurt.

Please click to find her article 7 Values to Teach Your Child by Age 10. I hope that you will find it an enjoyable read.



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