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  • Young Lives vs Cancer

    Published 20/07/21

    Pilgrims’ Parents Association quiz night raises almost £2,500 for children and young people with cancer.

    In February 2020, Pilgrims’ School PPA (Pilgrims’ Parents Association) organised a quiz to raise funds to help children and young people with cancer. One of the parents, Robin James’ son, Henry, had recently been diagnosed with cancer and on the evening of the quiz, Robin spoke powerfully from his personal experience of childhood cancer and the support from the charity Young Lives vs Cancer (formerly CLIC Sargent).

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  • Abstract Art at Pilgrims'

    Published 03/07/21

    This amazing painting was chosen for the invitation to the School Art Exhibition. 

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  • Dubbing the Quiristers

    Published 26/06/21

    On Tuesday, Pilgrims’ staff and parents gathered at Winchester College Chapel on Tuesday to witness the Year 6 Quirister Dubbing, originally planned for last September!  

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  • Year 8 in Devon

    Published 19/06/21

    The Year 8 Leavers have just returned from their annual Mount Kelly Activities Camp.  

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  • Pilgrims' Library is Open!

    Published 12/06/21

    The Briggs Library opened its doors again this week after months of restricted use.

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  • Alex Halliday - a chance to remember

    Published 01/06/21

    Recently, we welcomed Alex Halliday's parents, Juliet and Charles, who presented a commemorative print to the school.

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  • Pilgrims walk for WaterAid

    Published 23/05/21

    On Saturday 15 May, over 150 Pilgrim boys and staff and their families, and sometimes even their four-legged friends, walked for WaterAid.

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  • Ascension Day

    Published 15/05/21

    The School gathered on Wolvesey for its Ascension day Service

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  • Maths, the NSPCC and the Pre-Prep

    Published 09/05/21

    The Pre-Prep boys have just taken part in the NSPCC Number Day.

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  • Year 5 Running for Lunches Campaign

    Published 01/05/21

    A small group of boys in Year 5 approached Dr Essex a few weeks ago expressing their concern for those who are unable to have a full plate of food for lunch each day. The boys wished to raise awareness of others less fortunate than themselves.  

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  • Sailing at Pilgrims'

    Published 25/04/21

    The Sailors returned to the water at last; the sun shone, the boys were happy to be on the water, and all returned to school full of stories and chat.

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  • Pilgrims' Boys celebrate 9 Music Awards...

    Published 28/03/21 Winchester, Eton, Harrow, and Sherborne.

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