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  • Pilgrims' Library is Open!

    Published 12/06/21

    The Briggs Library opened its doors again this week after months of restricted use.

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  • Alex Halliday - a chance to remember

    Published 01/06/21

    Recently, we welcomed Alex Halliday's parents, Juliet and Charles, who presented a commemorative print to the school.

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  • Pilgrims walk for WaterAid

    Published 23/05/21

    On Saturday 15 May, over 150 Pilgrim boys and staff and their families, and sometimes even their four-legged friends, walked for WaterAid.

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  • Ascension Day

    Published 15/05/21

    The School gathered on Wolvesey for its Ascension day Service

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  • Maths, the NSPCC and the Pre-Prep

    Published 09/05/21

    The Pre-Prep boys have just taken part in the NSPCC Number Day.

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  • Year 5 Running for Lunches Campaign

    Published 01/05/21

    A small group of boys in Year 5 approached Dr Essex a few weeks ago expressing their concern for those who are unable to have a full plate of food for lunch each day. The boys wished to raise awareness of others less fortunate than themselves.  

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  • Sailing at Pilgrims'

    Published 25/04/21

    The Sailors returned to the water at last; the sun shone, the boys were happy to be on the water, and all returned to school full of stories and chat.

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  • Pilgrims' Boys celebrate 9 Music Awards...

    Published 28/03/21 Winchester, Eton, Harrow, and Sherborne.

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  • Pilgrims Make You Smile

    Published 20/03/21

    Pilgrims have learnt this week about the work of Comic Relief at home and internationally to create a just world, free from poverty. 

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  • Spring Comes to Pilgrims

    Published 13/03/21

    The PPA brought an early Spring to the school this week.

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  • Set Winter Sports

    Published 08/03/21

    On Saturday, on a day of blazing sunshine and azure skies, Pilgrims' held its Set Winter Sports – of course. 

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  • e-Safety at Pilgrims'

    Published 27/02/21

    This week the school has enjoyed the outstanding support of expert Karl Hopwood, as it has looked at e-Safety with boys, with staff, with parents.

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