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  • AI/Machine Learning-related coffee morning

    Published 01/03/24, by Angela Slater

    Full disclosure: this piece involves me once again extolling the virtues of Pilgrims’ location and community. I’m sorry. Asking me not to extol the benefits of these cornerstones of my childhood is like asking Eric Cantona to stop peddling pop-philosophy, B.A. Baracus to embrace modern concepts of masculinity, or Mr Toad to tear his eyes and ego away from that bright new shining motor car. It’s just not going to happen.) 

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  • What is Fair?

    Published 23/02/24, by Angela Slater

    'What could be a suitable collective noun for a group of 8- to 9-year-old girls participating in a ten pin bowling birthday party?...’ (Suggestions on the back of a postcard, folks.) This was an idle, light-hearted musing I found myself having during half term, as my youngest managed to haul herself out of a period of tonsillitis for long enough to enjoy her own party. The flashing lights. The loud music. The arcade machines. The things we parents endure for our little ones! 

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  • Love

    Published 02/02/24, by Angela Slater

    I’m always heartened by the number of parents I fall into conversation with who make mention of discussing the focus of my newsletter piece over the meal table with their sons each week. Building some family dialogue around that which we have covered in assemblies is an excellent way for the boys to gradually grow a sense of their own opinion in the context of the values networks they are growing up in. However, this week’s focus (I fear) may not be without its controversy. This is perhaps surprising given that it was Love… 

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  • One of the great pleasures of my role...

    Published 29/01/24, by Angela Slater

    Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and take stock of what can be at risk of becoming unappreciated through overfamiliarity.

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  • The Set Quiz returns...a chance to build language and knowledge

    Published 22/01/24, by Angela Slater

    Set assemblies started this week off: a lovely chance for the boys to feel that tight-knit identity and pride in being a Wren, Roman, Saxon, Monk or Norman. A cause of particular excitement was the return of the much-loved Set Quiz, which will have regular rounds this term leading, of course, to the all-important Final. Many thanks indeed to Mr Duncan for relaunching the quiz: it is, I suspect, something he’s rather enjoying… giving a chance to indulge his inner Paxman! 

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  • Happy New Year!

    Published 12/01/24, by Angela Slater

    A very, very Happy New Year to one and all! I hope that the Christmas holidays brought a chance for some special time with those you love.

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  • The start to the season of Advent

    Published 04/12/23, by Angela Slater

    Since leaving The Oval Office, Barack Obama has observed that as POTUS he had all the technical expertise he could have wished for at his disposal and he could have hired anybody at all to work for him; but that, for all this, most of the problems that crossed his desk could not be solved by technical solutions and most had no clear solution at all

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  • Maintaining mental wellbeing

    Published 24/11/23, by Angela Slater

    We humans are such contrary creatures. So often, we expect the very best, we expect the highest standards, particularly if we are paying well for the outcome we seek.

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  • Managing pressure

    Published 17/11/23, by Angela Slater

    I was talking to a parent in the Yard the other day about what Lieutenant George from Blackadder Goes Forth might call ‘coming a cropper’, or the process of going ‘goose over stumps’… Namely, boys in a solo performance situation who hit considerable difficulties, make a series of errors, fluff their notes or who even have to stop, and then have to pick themselves back up to complete the piece.

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  • Make the most of now

    Published 06/11/23, by Teresa Ingram

    This particular time is a season in which death rises to prominence. Without wishing to take it in too macabre a direction, this was my starting point with the boys in Monday’s assembly. ‘A cheery way to start the new half of term, Mr Butcher!’ I imagine you thinking. But perhaps I can be indulged for a short moment...

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  • Building self-esteem and the role of words

    Published 16/10/23, by Teresa Ingram

    Words: That words matter is a truism. Words matter in terms of our labelling and deciphering of the world. (To what extent something actually exists to us, if there is no word for it, is an interesting point of reflection with which to challenge the thinking of some of our older boys.)

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  • Victories come in different forms

    Published 09/10/23, by Teresa Ingram

    Victories come in different forms. Montgomery at El Alamein; Obama over McCain; Kanneh-Mason in Young Musician of the Year; finding that rogue Malteser when you thought the bag was empty…  

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