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  • Maintaining mental wellbeing

    Published 24/11/23, by Angela Slater

    We humans are such contrary creatures. So often, we expect the very best, we expect the highest standards, particularly if we are paying well for the outcome we seek.

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  • Managing pressure

    Published 17/11/23, by Angela Slater

    I was talking to a parent in the Yard the other day about what Lieutenant George from Blackadder Goes Forth might call ‘coming a cropper’, or the process of going ‘goose over stumps’… Namely, boys in a solo performance situation who hit considerable difficulties, make a series of errors, fluff their notes or who even have to stop, and then have to pick themselves back up to complete the piece.

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  • Make the most of now

    Published 06/11/23, by Teresa Ingram

    This particular time is a season in which death rises to prominence. Without wishing to take it in too macabre a direction, this was my starting point with the boys in Monday’s assembly. ‘A cheery way to start the new half of term, Mr Butcher!’ I imagine you thinking. But perhaps I can be indulged for a short moment...

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  • Building self-esteem and the role of words

    Published 16/10/23, by Teresa Ingram

    Words: That words matter is a truism. Words matter in terms of our labelling and deciphering of the world. (To what extent something actually exists to us, if there is no word for it, is an interesting point of reflection with which to challenge the thinking of some of our older boys.)

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  • Victories come in different forms

    Published 09/10/23, by Teresa Ingram

    Victories come in different forms. Montgomery at El Alamein; Obama over McCain; Kanneh-Mason in Young Musician of the Year; finding that rogue Malteser when you thought the bag was empty…  

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  • The importance of thinking time

    Published 02/10/23, by Teresa Ingram

    As I sit down to write my piece for this week’s newsletter, I find my situation acting as a microcosm of what happens in the national press on a daily, sometimes hourly basis; holding a mirror to two things which are at the root of so many problems within the national discourse.  

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  • Reflecting on emotional and physical safety

    Published 22/09/23, by Angela Slater

    There’s one way you can tell that you’re the very first of the early runners to jog the paths of the water meadows of a morning: it is that you’re the one breaching the spider web threads spanning from one side to the other, gathering across your face like so many Lilliputian ropes cast around Gulliver.

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  • The importance of a positive mindset

    Published 15/09/23, by Angela Slater

    Optimism. A sometimes maligned word, thanks to the fact that some folk endow it with overtones of naïveté and whispy scents of a goggle-eyed refusal to look hard facts in the face.

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  • From the Headmaster

    Published 08/09/23, by Angela Slater

    It is a real pleasure to write my first piece for The Pilgrims’ Way and if I have yet to get a chance to meet you in person, I do hope that I can do soon.

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