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Wellbeing Matters

Thoughts, comments, ideas and pause for thought from members of our school and extended community.

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  • Wellbeing Matters

    Published 01/03/24, by Angela Slater

    It can be quite confusing when listening to people speak about wellbeing.

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  • Sustaining Brotherhood: Nurturing Boys’ Relationships Into Adulthood

    Published 23/02/24, by Angela Slater

    The tapestry of human connections is intricate and varied, with friendships forming a crucial part of our social experience.

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  • Children’s Mental Health Week – My Voice Matters

    Published 09/02/24, by Angela Slater

    This week has been Children’s Mental Health Week and the theme is, ‘My Voice Matters’. Student voice refers to the collective opinions, ideas, and preferences of students within an educational environment.

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  • Should we pad the playground of life for our children?

    Published 02/02/24, by Angela Slater

    No good parent wants to see their child get hurt or fail at something, and it is entirely natural to want to step in and smooth the way for them.

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  • A Lesson in Determination and Wellbeing

    Published 19/01/24, by Angela Slater

    During Senior Assembly on Thursday, I spoke to the boys about the value of determination, and mentioned a number of examples of people who have overcome considerable challenges to achieve great things in life.

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  • Happy New Year

    Published 12/01/24, by Angela Slater

    A very happy New Year to all our Pilgrims’ families. We trust that 2024 will bring many new opportunities for growth and success. 

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  • Thoughts on Christmas

    Published 08/12/23, by Angela Slater

    The build-up to Christmas at Pilgrims’ is very special. There is a definite sense of the holiday season approaching when the sound of Christmas carols begin to emanate from the Pilgrims’ Hall and Octagon, and boys are humming their favourite tune as they move around the school.

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  • Navigating Gaming with our Children

    Published 01/12/23, by Angela Slater

    The day my brand new Commodore 64 computer arrived was a big moment for me; almost as big as the day I received my vinyl of Paul Simon’s Graceland!

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  • The Myth of Sisyphus

    Published 24/11/23, by Angela Slater

    I happened upon Albert Camus in my second year of university, when a friend of mine who was reading Philosophy at the time, tossed a copy of the essay The Myth of Sisyphus my way.

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  • Wellbeing matters

    Published 17/11/23, by Angela Slater

    Make a Noise About Bullying – Anti-bullying Week

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  • SCARF Workshops at Pilgrims'

    Published 10/11/23, by Angela Slater

    As part of the Wellbeing area of our PSHEe programme, SCARF workshops are engaging and comprehensive. 

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  • To err is human; to AI (to be divined)…

    Published 03/11/23, by Angela Slater

    Bletchley Park was a fitting venue for the AI Summit hosted by the Prime Minister this week. It drew together a wide range of people from a number of sectors, including the likes of Elon Musk, U.S. Vice-President, Kamala Harris, and European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen.

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