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Wellbeing Matters

Thoughts, comments, ideas and pause for thought from members of our school and extended community.

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  • Ending well ...

    Published 14/06/24, by Angela Slater

    This is an article I wrote at about this time last year (amended slightly). I think it still holds true, and I post it again as encouragement to our imminent Leavers.

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  • A Strengths-based Approach to Education

    Published 07/06/24, by Angela Slater

    There are few things more inspiring than meeting someone who is secure in their knowledge of themselves and their strengths.

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  • Don't forget to remember ...

    Published 24/05/24, by Angela Slater

    I often encourage boys to use memories from their past as a starting point for their writing, especially when someone tells me that they do not know what to write about. Memory serves as a powerful tool in our lives, and it is often very disconcerting when we struggle to remember something. Those of us who have family or loved ones facing challenges with dementia can attest to the pain of seeing someone struggle to pull all the strands of their life together because they have been lost in the ether.

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  • Mental Health Awareness Week: 13 – 19 May

    Published 17/05/24, by Angela Slater

    Mental Health Awareness Week, observed annually in May, serves as a crucial period for highlighting the importance of mental well-being and reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues.

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  • A Parent's Guide to Supporting Children through Pressure and Anxiety

    Published 10/05/24, by Angela Slater

    I have spoken with a number of parents this week who have children at home preparing for (and now writing) their GCSE exams. For many, it is a time of treading on eggshells, as their children’s anxiety around the exams is easily taken out on the nearest living being – mostly their parents! For many, the atmosphere at home might feel charged with tension and stress. For parents, watching their children navigate the pressures of exams can be both challenging and worrying. It's natural for young minds to feel overwhelmed by the weight of expectations, but as parents and teachers there are numerous ways to provide support and guidance to help them cope with exam pressure and anxiety effectively.

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  • In Pursuit of the McGuffin

    Published 03/05/24, by Angela Slater

    In the vast tapestry of cinematic storytelling, one trope stands out as both ubiquitous and enigmatic: the McGuffin. Coined by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, a McGuffin is a plot device, an object of desire that drives characters forward, yet its intrinsic value often pales in comparison to the journey it initiates. It's this very essence of the McGuffin that lends itself as a compelling metaphor for the pursuit of true meaning, particularly in the realm of education.

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  • Nurturing Young Minds

    Published 26/04/24, by Julie Allen

    In today’s digitally driven world, televisions and screens are ubiquitous, providing endless hours of entertainment, education, and, at times, unwelcome content.

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  • New Growth

    Published 22/03/24, by Angela Slater

    The Lent Term seems to be a time of deep reflection for many of us. It’s in those dark and rainy months that we often contemplate next steps, and it seems very natural to be thinking about opportunities for new growth (it’s almost as if we’re inwardly emulating the natural world). As we near the end of what has been a very wet and gloomy winter, we are able to look forward to brighter – and longer – days, and hopefully, some much-needed warmth too.

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  • Go on! Have a laugh!

    Published 15/03/24, by Angela Slater

    When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. And now when every new baby is born its first laugh becomes a fairy.                                                                                                              J.M. Barrie

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  • Thriving in Community with Others

    Published 08/03/24, by Angela Slater

    Running Holiday Clubs for Scripture Union in South Africa was one of the first places where I learnt the value of being part of a community.

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  • Wellbeing Matters

    Published 01/03/24, by Angela Slater

    It can be quite confusing when listening to people speak about wellbeing.

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  • Sustaining Brotherhood: Nurturing Boys’ Relationships Into Adulthood

    Published 23/02/24, by Angela Slater

    The tapestry of human connections is intricate and varied, with friendships forming a crucial part of our social experience.

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