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School life


After school activities at Pilgrims'

We currently offer nearly 50 after school activities each week, known as 'Commoners'. Mostly, these are run by staff and are free. They form an important aspect of a Pilgrims’ broader education, giving boys and staff alike the opportunity to extend and share interests beyond the classroom. Juniors and Seniors generally follow the same programme, which creates a great opportunity for boys to socialise and integrate across all the year groups.

Your son can look forward to enjoying a diverse programme of opportunities, such as Winchester Fives, sailing, origami, swimming, computer coding, fishing, karate, judo, knitting, chess, Mandarin, role-playing, board games, pasta making, photography, fencing, or rowing. The list changes from term to term, to reflect current interests and enthusiasms of staff and boys, and to make the most of seasonal weather.

If there is an activity which your son would like to pursue, and it is not currently offered, he is actively encouraged to ask if it could be added to the programme. We will do our best to include it.

There is another programme of activities which runs during the school day. Some are sport-oriented, for boys who are keen sportsmen, and others provide a range of diverse opportunities for boys with a different focus.










Adventure Playground

Physical Coding


Fencing (Juniors)


Basketball (Seniors)

Table Tennis Coaching

Illustration (Juniors)

Tri Golf


Illustration (Seniors)

Drama (Seniors)

Microsoft (Seniors)

Pilgrims' Craft (Seniors)


Music Practice (Boarders)

Music Practice (Boarders)

Nature Walks (Seniors)

Grid Football



Swim Squad Training

Music Practice (Boarders)

Student Newspaper (All)




Music Theory (Invitation)

Sketching (All)


Beginner and Intermediate Chess

Advanced Chess (All)


Judo (All)


JavaScript (Seniors)


Fives (Seniors)

Cricket Nets (Year 4 & 5 only)


Cricket Nets (Seniors)


Greek (Year 8 only)

Table Tennis Coaching




Swimming (Seniors)

Music Practice (Boarders)


Wide Games


Mini Cricket



Fencing (Seniors)


Table Tennis Coaching


Break times

Break times each morning and afternoon provide another opportunity for socialising and fun with friends. After an energising snack, inventive play takes over all three of the Quads, with games of football, basketball, mini-cricket, diabolos, conkers, hide and seek – whatever is the favourite of the day.

The Library is a popular destination for many, with chess, magazines and a quiet corner in which to read.

The Priory, a well-equipped games room, provides another source of relaxation, with table tennis, snooker, pool and table football.

School trips

In addition to the educational day trips enjoyed by every year group, there are skiing holidays, sports tours (a cricket tour to Sri Lanka, for example), geography and classics trips, Easter and summer activity camps, and other opportunities throughout the year.


Our Location

We are blessed with a truly idyllic location. Just an hour south of London by direct train, with easy access to all the major travel hubs, and yet we are surrounded by the stunning countryside of the South Downs National Park. The school is tucked away between Winchester Cathedral and Winchester College, within the secure and secluded Cathedral Close. Moments from our front door is the heart of the historic city of Winchester, or step through our back gate to find water meadows, countryside, and the South Downs Way.