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Equality, respect, dialogue

There are many causes of mental health problems in society.   The charity Mind lists some: neglect, social isolation, discrimination, social disadvantage, poverty, debt, bereavement, stress, homelessness and drug use. People from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities are more likely to suffer from mental health problems.  The Mental Health Foundation states In England and Wales, nearly a fifth of people come from a BAME background. The mental health of BAME communities is important because people from these communities often face individual and societal challenges that can affect access to healthcare and overall mental and physical health.

I have watched the marches across the world in support of 'Black Lives Matter', and like a lot of people, feel a range of different emotions. For so long, society disregarded mental health and only in recent years has it come to the fore of peoples' minds and conversations.  Life can be hard, really hard, for all of us, at times.  But add into that racial discrimination, prejudice, poverty and disenfranchisement, and it is no wonder that mental health problems affect some groups of society far more than others.

Removing racism, discrimination, and prejudice from all parts of our communities, would help in so many ways, not just mental health.

Stay safe.

Matt Shroff
Director of Wellbeing


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