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From the Base - Top tips for a Wellness Christmas

Everyone loves a list at Christmas.  Here are some hard-fought ideas for making Christmas better for the whole family:

1) Spend time BEING rather doing.  Avoid the feeling to always be doing something, especially on Christmas day.  Enjoy just being in the moment.

2) Use the 80/20 rule.  Rather than thinking we should eat healthily 100% of the time (and then the associated guilt when we don't), do enjoy choosing your food, balanced with good choices over the next few weeks.  I personally eat really well in the run-up to Christmas and enjoy the indulgences even more because of it.

3) Get outside and enjoy the magic.  The quiet streets, the misty views, the muddy paths, the fresh air.  All enhance the mood and are good for the soul.

4) Give more than you receive.  Not gifts, but rather time and affection.  Lavish it upon whoever you are with.

5) Change up your habits.  Try not to do the same things you do all year long.  Get up late/early, have breakfast in bed, don't watch the news, put a DVD on for the whole family.  Just mix it up, make the holidays feel different.

6) Conflict is okay.   Families disagree, even at Christmas. Just remember what is important - letting things go sometimes is liberating.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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