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A life well lived

In an especially touching lesson with Year 3 this week, we discussed having a pet and what you have to do to look after one.  The boys spoke passionately about their love of animals, from dogs and cats to ducks and rabbits. One of the points of the lesson was to introduce the concept of loss and how it might make someone feel, how to talk about it, and what it all means. Tricky but worthy stuff.

I found myself quite emotional when we discussed how loss is a measure of how important something is to us. If you feel nothing when you lose something, then it probably meant nothing. Likewise, if you feel acute pain, then whatever it was had REAL meaning.

Loss is hard. Loss is pain. But loss and pain also means we have lived life with meaning, that we have relationships that are important. That we love, and are loved. And I'd rather be like that than a zombie.

Have a great Easter.

Mr Shroff

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