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Ho! Ho! Ho!

My son's favourite joke (when he was little) was, ''Jesus is SO lucky to have his birthday on Christmas Day.''  He still thinks he's clever for saying it. He just retold it to me a few days ago.

Sometimes I think about the Christmas story through modern eyes.  It must have been very stressful for Joseph and Mary - on the road, not sure where they would be staying the night, trying to get back home.  Most of us can relate to how they might have felt; we often have that harassed and rushed feeling at this time of year.

I'd like to think, however, that despite everything going on (angels, shepherds, wise men, grumpy innkeepers - I know what it feels like to have too many guests!), Mary and Joseph found joy in the golden moment of their son's birth.  There are times in our lives which we will never relive, times that are unique and because of that they are special, and this certainly was.

Now, modern eyes again - I think this is a form of mindfulness.  Just to be, to enjoy, no yesterday, no tomorrow, just the now.  Part of the wonder of the Christmas story is this special moment; just the once, just so special.

Merry Christmas!

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