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Know my name?

This week I have been trying to learn all the new boys' names. There are quite a few this year, and I never quite succeed inside the first seven days but I'm well along the way. I encourage the boys to do so too.

I ask the boys why I do this, and they have some good answers.

'It makes things easier, so you can get a boy's attention.'

'It's good manners.'

'You know who the naughty ones are.'

But there is something deeper than this (although manners is close). If I address a new boy by name, I am sending him this message:

You are important. I have made the time to learn your name. Welcome to Pilgrims'.

And likewise, if I don't, but simply say 'you' or 'what's your name?', the message is the opposite.

I have found that the simple things in life often carry the most meaning. I hope Sam, or John, or Craig, or any other new boy feels welcome, and has had a positive start to school here, partly because of a simple:

'Hello, Sam, how are you?'

Mr Shroff

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