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Express yourself - Children's Mental health Awareness Week

Self-expression is such an important part of life and good wellbeing. It helps us highlight our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and allows us to build a narrative of our life. Some people express through art forms such as drawing and dance, whilst others through the things they do and what they wear.

Self-expression can also make us a target. Is makes us feel vulnerable, as we 'put ourselves out there'. This is because the world is very good at telling us what we 'should' be or how to behave, think, speak, and act. This constant messaging makes it difficult to feel secure in expressing our true selves.

By expressing ourselves in meaningful ways allows us to live a healthier and happier life.  It can relieve stress and improve our mood. It allows us to reflect on what is happening in our lives and to consider our actions and choices for the future. It also allows us to reveal and explore what has happened in the past.

Self-expression also allows us to connect with others, something that has been shown to be very important to good mental health and happiness. By expressing ourselves we communicate - building relationships, and collaborating in ways we would not otherwise be able to do.

We are very lucky at The Pilgrims' School in having fantastic teachers who both teach children some of the skills needed for self-expression, and also teach the importance of it.  From Mr Walters in his Art lessons, to Mr du Plessis in the choirs, from Mrs Kent in Reception with squiggle time, to Mr Darlow in his English lessons, the staff here are committed to developing successful AND expressive pupils.

Kia kaha - stay strong.

Mr Shroff

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