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From the Base: Bouncability

Light at the end of the tunnel is an oft used saying.  The message is: Get to the end, get out, then things will be okay!

Perhaps this is helpful at times, but recently I have come to consider there is a better metaphor.  The problem for me is that What happens if you can't see the light at the end?

The word resilience is derived from 'resiliens', the present participle of Latin 'resilire', 'to recoil or rebound'. So, to have resilience is to be about to recover, to move on.  We often think that people with high resilience know that things will get better, that failure is often only temporary.  Some might say they have an Expectation of better things. The problem with expectation is that it implies the possibility of being let down.

I much prefer to think that those with resilience have Hope.  Hope in the future, hope that if we can get things right the world will be a better place.  Hope implies positivity, but backed up with a need to act.

With hope, we don't look for the light at the end of the tunnel.  We arm ourselves with a torch to help us find the way to that light.  

Use hope to fuel our resilience, a belief in the people and actions of tomorrow.

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