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I sense worth in ... Children in Need

Recently, I wrote about self-worth and its value in all our lives, especially in the young. This chimes well with the nationwide focus on Friday 19 November, on Children in Need.

Part of the aim of many of the organisations funded by Children in Need is to assist children who don't have access to things they need, especially for their own development.  I am struck by how many organisations are working hard to help young people build their self-esteem (AKA self-worth). As I said in my Self Worth article, I think that helping young people with this would cure a lot of social ills.

Such projects include The Positive Youth Foundation, which aims to support the most vulnerable young people and communities. They aim to raise the aspirations and life chances of young people who are facing challenging circumstances. They target how young people feel about themselves by providing opportunities and experiences they might otherwise be denied due to their circumstance.

This week, our boys will focus on their tutor group work and by listening to a visiting speaker from NoLimits. Again, NoLimits are partially funded by Children in Need and they do some incredible work in Hampshire.

The boys at Pilgrims' are terrific, with many strengths.  However, some may need help to believe the quote below:

"Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are." -- Malcolm S. Forbes

Let us all focus on what we are and can become, and not what we aren't and can't be. Children in Need is helping do the same for many children.


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