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Enabling boys to 'talk the talk' in science


Scientific literacy is not really spoken about. Did you know that your average student learns more new words in Science at secondary school than they do in foreign languages?

Science is a new language to our boys. In the way that French is taught to our junior boys by a subject specialist, and we see the outstanding linguists Mr Power turns out and the grades they achieve, we now have this in Science.

Currently, all boys at Pilgrims' are taught Science by a secondary trained Science specialist. All of these teachers have taught a specific discipline to A level. We find that the inclusive use of this foreign science language from such a young age, which is predominantly a combination of Greek and Latin in origin, is enabling our boys to not only walk the walk in Science, but also talk the talk. We use explorative and investigative practical work in tandem to evolve our students' scientific understanding of the world around them. What this ends up meaning is that students:

  • develop, a what we hope, is a lifelong passion for Science.
  • can access the language of exam questions and in turn give answers in the correct technical language.
  • become critical thinkers in a world that needs more sharp scientific minds.
  • learn how to use the scientific method to collect, present, and analyse data using analytical terminology.

David Orr
Head of Science


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