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  • Sporting news

    Published 22/01/20

    After the dismal weather which had called off a lot of fixtures the week before, it was great to enjoy the return of the sunshine and to get back out on the pitches. 

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  • One team, two matches

    Published 26/11/19

    Pilgrims' Parents v Western School Parents 2-5
    The new fixture on the list this season posed an unknown quantity. Alarm bells should have rung when prior to the match the opposition stated they practise twice a week.

    The match started well for Pilgrims' with an early lead via an Alex Gulliford header from a corner. Western’s preparation started to show and their short passing game had Pilgrims' chasing the ball in midfield. Two goals were conceded in the first half. The second half was a similar affair, Pilgrims' struggled to string passes together and create chances. Three further goals were conceded before an excellent consolation goal from Maxim Crewe. A humorous moment was a rugby tackle from David Hartwright on the Western captain; David harking back to his rugby roots was made all the more amusing when their captain confessed that he had undergone surgery under David’s care a few months before!

    Gorav Datta (Pilgrims' parent)

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  • Two new records, two new record holders!

    Published 20/11/19

    Friday 16 November was the occasion of the first round of the Set cross country competition. Conditions were excellent - no wind, no chill and gently spongy underfoot – and the boys were fit. 

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  • So long, soccer

    Published 20/11/19

    The soccer season finished with matches against Papplewick and Farleigh. Papplewick was a tough but worthwhile fixture with victories for the 2nds, 4ths and Foals Maguire. The 1sts drew and we had some narrow defeats. 

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  • City take on the Rovers

    Published 13/11/19

    This was another fantastically close match, as two Pilgrims' sides battled against each other.  

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  • Tenacity on the pitch

    Published 07/11/19

    I hope you had a fantastic and, dare I say it, active half-term. The wet weather has been doggedly persistent of late but thankfully it hasn’t been affecting us much. I have just recovered from a World Cup final defeat - but what a defining performance in the semi-final against the mighty All Blacks.

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  • Regatta success

    Published 17/10/19

    Eleven eager boys in the sailing team hit the high seas on Wednesday for their autumn regatta, shared this year with sailors from nearby Prince’s Mead. After a packed lunch and a briefing from chief instructor Jazz, everyone piled into the safety boats for a lift out to their Qubas which were ready rigged and on moorings, before being towed out to the race area off Weston Shore. 

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  • Rudders down, boards down, sheets in

    Published 03/10/19

    Neat teamwork from our sailors on the water this week.

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  • Back in action

    Published 27/09/19

    Welcome back to a new term of Pilgrims’ sport! 

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