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New Growth

The Lent Term seems to be a time of deep reflection for many of us. It’s in those dark and rainy months that we often contemplate next steps, and it seems very natural to be thinking about opportunities for new growth (it’s almost as if we’re inwardly emulating the natural world). As we near the end of what has been a very wet and gloomy winter, we are able to look forward to brighter – and longer – days, and hopefully, some much-needed warmth too.

This process of thinking about new growth and evaluating where we are at also takes on somewhat of a spiritual element, as much of the term coincides with 40 days of reflection and prayer ahead of Easter. It is wonderful to consider that the coming of warmer days and new life dovetails so beautifully with our memory of Jesus’ death and Resurrection. New life is everywhere!

Having spoken to a number of boys and parents during the course of the term, the past few months have taken their toll, and many of us are so looking forward to this break. It is a time that promises rest, renewal, and a revival of all our passions and interests that can be expressed in the coming summer days. From a wellbeing point of view, this break could not have come any sooner. Our boys need some good rest, fun family time, and opportunities for quality connection with those they love.

I trust that all our families will have a wonderful Easter holiday, and that you will enjoy some deep rest during this time. We look forward to seeing you all again at the start of the Summer Term.

Craig Cuyler
Director of Wellbeing/Head of PSHEe/
Deputy DSL/ Assistant Housemaster

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