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Virtually the same


I am so impressed by the way the boys in our Pre-Prep have been concentrating during the live and recorded lessons in our Virtual School!  

It can be tricky for such young children to engage with online teaching, but our Pre-Prep teachers have worked hard to ensure that the boys still work in very small groups or pairs for English and Maths during online lessons, just as they do when we are in school.

To encourage full participation during live lessons, we have posted practical resources to them at home, in Virtual School packs.  The boys have really enjoyed using their whiteboards, number fans, bead strings and numicon during practical maths lessons.  

Guided reading and writing sessions have worked extremely well, with each of the boys using reading books and writing work books that we have chosen to suit their specific abilities and interests.

During small group live lessons we are able to focus on each boy and make sure we offer him all the support that he needs. It also means we can teach the boys the communication skills that are vital for collaborative work. 

This is what we do when we are in our 'actual' classroom at school and I am delighted that we have been able to continue with our successful teaching online, as well as teaching the boys who have been allowed to return to school. It is wonderful to have some of the boys back and to see the classrooms ‘alive’ again, and we look forward to seeing everyone reunited again as soon as possible.

Debbie Ross
Head of Pre-Prep


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