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News update from the PPA


Read about last Friday's Quiz and other upcoming events here.

Thank you to everyone who came to the PPA Quiz Night last Friday.

It was great to be back in the Pilgrims' Hall and raising money for Ukraine.

It was fiercely contested this year with the Year 8 Arabic Rolos team beating Year 4’s Quizzie Rascals by half a point. The Quiz raffle raised £710 for the Disaster Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.  That was on top of the £406 we raised from the Breakfast in the Yard the previous weekend.

The winning team!

Thank you to our excellent Quizmaster, George Burnand, and to Ros Maclay for keeping track of the scores. George was using a new sound system that was bought for the school by the PPA last year. The ticket sales raised £822.99 for the PPA.

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PPA Book Sale

Year 8 boys will be helping the PPA to run a second-hand children’s book sale next Friday 25 March. The proceeds will also go to the DEC’s Ukraine appeal. The exeat is a great opportunity to see if boys have any books they no longer need and that another boy might enjoy. Plastic collection boxes will be in the yard from Sunday night.


The Summer Party 

The date for the summer party has changed from Friday May 27 to Thursday May 26 and the format will be slightly different.

This is because Pukkah Tents, the marquee company booked several years ago for the summer ball, shared with us the sad news last week that they were closing. Pukkah had been very generous in rolling over our booking through Covid when we still hoped to go ahead with the ball and then adjusting it to suit the lower budget of the summer party that we were planning on Wolvesey instead.

They have already sent a refund. We are very unlikely to be able to find such a good deal again, so we need to change the plans a bit, and it also makes sense to change the date. Apologies to anyone who made plans, but we hope that Thursday, before the boys have broken up for half-term, will suit more people. We will provide more details soon.



Battle of the Bands is back

We know that losing the ball and changing the party will be disappointing for some, so we are really excited to announce that we have decided to bring back the Battle of the Bands (also previously called School of Rock) on Friday 24 June. For those who have not been before, this is a family event with boy bands, parent bands and sometimes even a staff band playing from the Octagon.



Pilgrims' Fireworks will be on Friday 28 October this year. 

Anna Kennedy
PPA Chair




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