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Thursday reflection


In this week’s Thursday Reflection, pupils at Pilgrims’ learned about the aims of international Jazz Day.

'With conflict and division in many parts of the world, it is my hope that, through the universal language of jazz, our celebration this year can inspire people of all nations to heal, to hope and to work together to foster peace.' (Herbie Hancock, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador)

In November 2011, the UNESCO General Conference named 30th April as International Jazz Day, the purpose of which is to raise awareness in the international community of the virtues of jazz. Many governments, civil society organisations, educational institutions, and private citizens currently engaged in the promotion of jazz music embrace the opportunity to foster greater appreciation, not only for the music, but also for the contribution it can make to building more inclusive societies.

International Jazz Day brings together communities, schools, artists, historians, academics, and jazz enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate and learn about the art of jazz, its roots, its future, and its impact. This important international art form is celebrated for promoting peace, dialogue among cultures, diversity, and respect for human rights and human dignity, eradicating discrimination, promoting freedom of expression, fostering gender equality, and reinforcing the role of youth for social change

(United Nations, 2022)
Paul Bryant


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