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Oliver glorious Oliver!


It has been five years since a senior production at Pilgrims’, and there was a keen anticipation in the air...

...enhanced by some atmospheric puffs from the smoke machine, expertly manned by Henry B.

There were some stunning individual performances: Alfie L and Max H shared the role of Oliver, and both sang beautifully and embodied Oliver’s innocence. Will C as Bill Sikes oozed menace, John G, in arguably the hardest role as Nancy, managed to move some to tears with ‘As Long as He Needs Me’, and Edward B was a charismatic Dodger. Benjamin S captured Fagin’s character and mesmerised the audience with ‘Reviewing the Situation’, and Freddie F, as Mr Bumble, suffered for his art, being physically abused each night by Widow Corney (Rupert B). Other notable performances included Barnaby D and Tristan S as the odious Sowerberrys, George S as the kindly Mr Brownlow and Louis B showed us his comedy credentials as Dr Grimwig.

Programme cover designed by Year 8, Ben T.

Of course, a play is not just about individuals: the cast was exuberant, and the boys surpassed themselves with each performance. Familiar numbers such as ‘Food, Glorious Food’, ‘Consider Yourself’ and ‘Oom-Pah-Pah’ were delivered with verve and panache. The Gang, led by Orlando S as Charlie Bates, ably supported their morally dubious boss, Fagin, and some of them doubled up as Market traders too!

Pilgrims’ is so lucky to have a wealth of musical talent, and the band, comprising Alex H, Timothee H, Sam H, Otto G, Henry F and Thomas R spent just 2 weeks preparing the score that Mr du Plessis had arranged; it was easy to forget that they are still at prep school. Orson S and Harry H ran the lighting, under the expert guidance of Miss Higham, and James P provided backstage support. The set and props were designed and made by Mr Alex Armstrong and Mr John Walters, and the beautiful programme design by Ben T. 

Costumes were provided by a small team of parents headed by the amazing Mrs Drusilla Brodrick, and the show was produced and directed by Mr du Plessis and Mrs Duncan. Talks are already underway as to what the senior production will be next year… 

The Drama Team

The performance that packed a punch!

It is said that our school days are the best of our lives; this is certainly true for me, and not only those spent as a pupil! It was with pride and excited anticipation that I took my seat in Pilgrims’ Hall last evening, to watch ‘my’ boys perform in their production of Oliver! The grin of delight that spread across my face, never left. Wow! What a performance. From the set and lighting, to last curtain call, I was treated to a performance worthy of any acclaimed concert hall. The boys surpassed themselves with confident clear speech, delivered with impeccable timing and delightfully humorous intonation. Their acting kept me on the edge of my seat, engaged and eager for more. A story I know well, I was nonetheless drawn into its sinister nature, my heart pounded… The singing, as ever, was joyous and rousing, the soloists’ spine tingly moving. I have no doubt that these boys will remember this experience always, and that it will add to the myriad of ‘best days’ of their lives. It has certainly added to mine.

Mrs Buckett

Meet Benjamin who played Fagin in the school production of Oliver. 

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