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SCARF Workshops at Pilgrims'

As part of the Wellbeing area of our PSHEe programme, SCARF workshops are engaging and comprehensive. 

Each November, we invite the team from Life Education to run their series of SCARF workshops with each year group, from Reception to Year 6. Life Education’s SCARF PSHEe material is used in 2500 schools across the UK and reaches 570 000 pupils each year.

SCARF is an acronym that stands for:

  • S – Safety
  • C – Caring
  • A – Achievement
  • R – Resilience
  • F – Friendship

The workshops complement our existing PSHEe programme, and embed a number of the topics covered in class further. The topics covered this week included: Taking Care of Myself, All About Me, My Wonderful Body, Feelings, Meet the Brain, It’s Great to Be Me, Friends and Decisions. The Year 4s were fortunate to be able to be one of the first groups to take part in a new mental health and wellbeing workshop developed by Life Education. They learnt how physical and mental health are linked, and how different activities can trigger the release of chemicals and hormones that can help us to feel better.

The boys engaged with these workshops beautifully, and Lucy, our presenter, was very impressed with their willingness to engage openly and share ideas, as well as with their excellent manners and behaviour throughout her time with us. The boys have really done us all proud!

We look forward to hosting the Life Education team again in the future.

Craig Cuyler
Director of Wellbeing/Head of PSHEe/
Deputy DSL/ Assistant Housemaster


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