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Spotlight on... Design and Technology Club


'Commoners', Pilgrims' extra-curricular clubs, provide the much sought after opportunity at The Pilgrims’ School for boys to explore new skills and broaden their creative horizons, including Design and Technology (D&T).

The range of activities we offer is vast, and it varies according to the time of year.  In the Autumn and Easter Terms, there is a weekly hour-long session for potential D&T scholars to develop their portfolio or simply for boys to immerse themselves in the D&T workshop and follow their own interests (in the Summer Term, I run the archery commoner). 

Because of the favourable ratio of a smaller than class sized group, there is greater scope for using the full range of ‘toys’ we have in D&T; this includes the vacuum former and 3D printer, along with firm favourite – the laser cutter.  We were recently inspected by the ISI, and I was delighted with the observation of the inspector who visited the commoner because he completely understood the ethos of not only the commoner but the overall department, “a great blend of traditional skills with contemporary technology.”

There is always a palpable sense of industry in the workshop during commoners, with boys helping each other to achieve a task or inspiring each other to try a different technique or material to achieve their aim. The session always goes in a flash and frequently runs over with the boys literally being told to leave the room!

Alex Armstrong
Head of D&T


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