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Spotlight on... Unusual Card Games


Find out about the popular Unusual Card Games after school 'Commoner'.

I am probably not alone in admitting that whilst at university, I lost some meaningful time playing a wide variety of card games. The one that was most popular in my house has a name that is unprintable here but is affectionately known amongst the boys simply as 'Poo!' 

In my humble opinion, it is one of the all-time great games, as it combines a healthy dollop of luck, alongside a willingness to remember who has what in their hands and a general tactical awareness. It gets very loud and very competitive, yet is a source of singular joy to me to see the boys get so enthused in a game that I could play in my sleep! We have also played some crazy whist, (another great game I've lost significant time to), and the boys have impressed me with a not insubstantial working knowledge of how to play poker, although not for money - obviously! 

This hour on a Tuesday is a happy one, regularly punctuated by screams of 'CHEAT!' when embroiled in the eponymous game, and I have been educated into the murky world of a game called 'Exploding Kittens', which looks complicated but fun. It's a classic Pilgrims' Commoner (after school club); wacky, funny, loud and hugely enjoyable!

Will Darlow
Head of English


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