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The Half-Term History and Art Departments Challenge


We present: The Tower of London Schools' Coronation Competition by the Historic Royal Palaces - this is a fantastic opportunity to be involved. Design a chair for the Coronation!

Thinking about the upcoming May 2023 coronation plans for King Charles III is very exciting.

Consider all the monarchs who have been crowned in Westminster Abbey since Christmas Day 1066 when William I took the title King of England! Only a few monarchs have not been crowned in Westminster Abbey since then (show-ups for the first ten boys to name them), so this event will certainly earn the descriptions historic, momentous and memorable. Hooray for King Charles III!

As part of our school's celebrations, we encourage all Pilgrims' boys to enter this competition and be part of this historic opportunity to design a coronation chair. The Historic Royal Palaces panel will select the best 15 entries from across the country and have the designs brought to life for the coronation ceremony. Winning schools will also be offered a VIP trip for one class to visit the Tower of London. 

The rules state that a group of no fewer than five pupils should create a collaborative design, and the website provides a whole range of resources to inspire and inform. The Tower of London Schools Coronation Competition | Historic Royal Palaces (

So thinking-caps on, and let's see how creative and inventive our school community can be!

Step 1: Go to the website and learn about the history of coronations, watch the late Queen's ceremony and even explore the crown jewels.

Step 2: Research the life and work of Charles III and think carefully about what designs might reflect him well.

King Charles III facts - National Geographic Kids (
King Charles III: What can we expect from the new King? - CBBC Newsround

Step 3: Find other boys to help you with your design so that you are in a group of five and share your ideas. Then, submit your designs to Mrs Bailey or Mr Walters by Wednesday 22 February. Don't worry if you can't make a group of five: submit your designs anyway, and we will help you.

You can find the design sheets to use and more information about the competition here:

Design sheets
Competition information 

Good luck!

Mrs Bailey and Mr Walters
Head of History and Year 8 and Head of Art


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