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Year 3 visit St John's Almshouses


On Monday afternoon, Year 3 were delighted to meet up with our friends at St John’s Almshouses for seasonal quizzes and crafts.

 We walked through the mid-October sunshine to their community room where we found the residents keen to chat and get to know this year’s 3E and 3R. Reverend Alison had cleverly concocted some super Autumn quizzes identifying Oak, Horse Chestnut, Beech and other leaves. I have to say, the boys were pretty quick and enjoyed the nature based theme immensely.

We talked about favourite seasons with a range being classed as the best for a variety of reasons. One of the residents liked being cold whilst another, having lived in Pakistan, enjoyed the warmer summer weather rather more. The boys talked about the kinds of activities they can take part in each month of the year with the warmer months being popular.

Next, Reverend Alison had kindly provided materials to make Autumn themed bookmarks. They were full of colour and a lovely foamy material. Fun, tactile and useful!

We had a wonderful time, full of laughter and all the boys were pleased to meet our friends. We hope to be back with them very soon.
Miss Erasmus


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