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Year 8 D&T trip, London Design Museum


This year, as part of the D&T curriculum, each year group will participate in a subject-specific field trip. 

On Tuesday, it was the chance for Year 8 to immerse themselves in all The Design Museum has to offer.

The temporary exhibition, ‘Objects of Desire: Surrealism and Design 1924 – Today’ was a visual feast of iconic art and design which proved thought-provoking and inspirational for the boys (and staff!).  The boys also had a workshop (‘The Sustainable Schools Programme’) with an in-house educator, which provided an opportunity to investigate the impact of waste and highlights a new approach across the production of food, fashion, electronics and other consumer goods, focussing on the circular economy and reduction of waste. 

The trip rounded off with a visit to the permanent ‘Designer/Maker/User’ exhibition which showcases the evolution of iconic design over the past century.

Alex Armstrong
Head of D&T





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