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Engaging in the vision for fostering machine learning and AI literacy


Our school community recently engaged in an insightful Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Morning, welcoming Dr John Cullerne, Academic Surmaster from Winchester College.

It was a unique opportunity for parents, particularly those whose professions are intertwined with, influenced by, or utilising the capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence, to come together, share experiences, and gain insights into the evolving landscape of digital education and technology.  

I provided an overview of our school's vision for fostering machine learning and AI literacy and enhancing digital skills among our pupils. The presentation covered the current landscape of digital learning, our responsibilities as educators, the integration of AI in the curriculum, and the importance of professional development for staff, AI guidelines, and sector-wide collaboration. This initiative aims to prepare our pupils for the future and is a key motivator for organising the event to connect with parents actively engaged in the field.  

Dr. John Cullerne, Academic Surmaster from Winchester College and an expert in adaptive testing, contributed significantly to the event with a special session on the role of Machine Learning and AI in learning. His expertise and enthusiasm for AI application in education sparked an engaging open discussion on the impact and potential of these technologies in shaping teaching and education.  

During his presentation, Dr. John Cullerne explored a broad range of topics, emphasising the integration of technologies like ChatGPT into our learning environments and curricula. He highlighted the importance of nurturing key skills for students, including critical analysis, problem-solving, and effective communication. Furthermore, Dr. Cullerne discussed the concept of narrative defence, underscoring the need for students to assess and constructively engage with various narratives they encounter. He also pointed out the necessity of quantitative fluency, ensuring students are adept at interpreting and utilising numerical data. These skills are foundational in preparing students to navigate the complexities of the modern world and to leverage AI and digital technologies effectively. 

Our community's engagement and support play a vital role in our continued pursuit of excellence in education, particularly in the rapidly evolving fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and we are keen to further develop our AI Literacy curriculum.

Jonathan Lloyd 
Head of Digital Learning and AI 


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