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Max shares his Antarctica adventure with peers


Max Z, in Year 4, has recently returned from an epic adventure to Antarctica and was keen to present his experience and findings to his peers. 

The icebergs were stunning, the wind was palpable, and the journey was both extensive and remote. It proved to be an invaluable educational experience for Max, emphasising the reality of global warming.

Max's bravery shown on the trip, continued into the classroom, as he presented to, and educated his peers. He created an engaging presentation, complete with video, photographs and graphics that took the Year 4 on a journey capturing the spirit of adventure and curiosity about the world.

Staff and boys were amazed with Max's presentation which was incredibly informative. Max was animated, knowledgeable and showed great awareness of his audience. He enjoyed answering questions and the boys listened intently.

Did you know?

  • Three are three types of Brush-tailed penguins found in Antarctica
  • There are 90 species of whiles in the world - 14 species of Baleen whales and 76 species of Toothed whales
  • A seal can sleep continuously for up to 11 days
  • If West Antarctica melts at current speed, the global seawater level will rise by 5 meters. 
  • Antarctica stores 75% of the fresh water in the world

Max's Geography teacher, Mrs Blair, said that his "personality really shone, and it was lovely to see his enthusiasm." 

While Max's Drama teacher, Mrs Duncan, said, "It was so lovely to see Max full of confidence and knowledge in front of the whole year group, who loved it too! As his drama teacher, I was very impressed, too - he was so entertaining, and his humour came across so well."

What an amazing experience for Max, and well done for sharing with us. Thank you to Mrs Thorne, in Learning Support, for co-ordinating and making his presentation possible. 



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