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Year 8s explore AI literacy


As part of their exploration into AI Literacy within our Digital Learning curriculum, Year 8s participated in an interactive session led by Justin Pinnells, Academic Director of CATALYST at Winchester College.

The workshop provided an engaging introduction to the evolution of language acquisition and the advancement of large language models.  

During this hands-on lesson, our students were engaged in a variety of activities, including a quiz that challenged them to distinguish between human and AI-generated images and music compositions. Highlighting the session was a live Turing Test, where pupils had to discern if responses were provided by a human or a machine. In a close outcome, the machine demonstrated its impressive capabilities by winning the test! 

Justin Pinnells also introduced the students to a GPT-based character he developed named Alex Mercer. Through a series of questions, the boys discovered Alex's non-human nature, sparking a deeper understanding of AI's capabilities and limitations. The session concluded with an open Q&A, where our pupils posed insightful thoughts about the future of AI and its implications for learning. 

This session not only provided the boys with a foundational understanding of AI but also stimulated curiosity about the potential of digital learning. We look forward to further exploring this rapidly evolving field. 

If you are a parent reading this and would be interested in providing insights or contributing to our AI Literacy curriculum, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at

Jonathan Lloyd
Head of Digital Learning and AI 



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